Here Is the “Perfect” Male Body in 19 Countries


As March closes in, perhaps you’ve given up on your New Year’s diet and workout routineand settled on living with that belly you’d somehow acquired over the years. Don’t feel sad, move to Australia.

As it turns out, a V-shaped torso and rippling stomach isn’t the ideal body type around the world, regardless of what movies and TV might be telling you. As part of an experiment called Perceptions of Perfection, an image of a man was sent to 19 graphic artists in different parts of he world and Photoshopped to represent the “ideal” of that particular country. And guess what, 19 different versions of what’s attractive were returned.

Unsurprisingly, America had a Ken doll version of masculinity—six-pack and defined pecs—but other countries favor bulkier, less defined body types, something that represents strength in a different way. Check out the full chart below, rip your shirt off and give yourself a good long look in the mirror, and buy yourself a one-way ticket to wherever your love handles and doughy midsection are actually appreciated. Serbia, here we come!