This total body workout will carve your core and fire up your metabolism in 30 minutes.

Studies show that exercise can help relieve bloating, whether it’s from too much pizza and beer or one of these five weird things making you bloated. And while most aerobic exercise will do the trick, a workout that hits your core would make the most sense if it’s your belly that’s bloated.

But, the real trick is to focus on your body as a whole instead of just honing in on your core. “If you just focus on core isolation exercises you will feel like you are really hitting those muscles but you really are not getting the most engagement you can, there is science out there to prove it,” says TS Fitness Founder and Program Director, Noam Tamir, CSCS. What will help you shed that “bloated” belly look, plus sculpt your abs, is full body exercises. In fact, focusing on your legs may be a better idea than focusing on your core: “They are bigger muscles and the core is a synergist when using them,” explains Tamir. That means that even though these aren’t “abs moves” per se, each one will force your core to work—hard. What’s more: “Your E.P.O.C or what many people call the afterburn will be higher when you train this way,” says Tamir, so you’ll continue to burn calories long after the workout has ended.

The Program

Time: 30 minutes
Warmup: 5 minutesd of mobility and activation exercises.
Sets: 5 Rounds

A. Carries – 30 seconds work /30 seconds rest

B. Walking Lunges- 30 seconds work /30 seconds rest

C. RKC Plank- 30 seconds work /30 seconds rest

D. Kettlebell Swing – 30 seconds work / 30 seconds rest

E. Shoulder Tap – 30 seconds work / 30 seconds rest

F. Burpee 30 seconds work / 30 seconds rest